Impact Of Services Quality And Customer Satisfaction: Case Of Batik Air

  • Jeffry Sudirja Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti


Service quality is used as a benchmark to determine how good is the premium airline operated.  It is also one of the important aspects to maintained the customer satisfaction and for them to keep choosing the airline to become their flying partner. The research objective is to know the correlation between service quality and customer decisions to use Batik Air Indonesia.  The research method used is descriptive with quantitative approach. Primary data collection is by spreading the questionnaire to 100 respondents that ever flown with Batik Air Indonesia at least once, which consist of 8 questions of Respondents Background, 13 questions of  Service Quality’s elements and  23  questions of  the Customer Decision Process. The result shows there is a strong correlation with value 0.908 between Service Quality’s elements and Customer Decision Process’s elements, and the coefficient determination is 82.4%, which means there is a high correlation between Service Quality and Customer Decision Process, and the rest of 17.6% also influenced by other things which are not being analyze in this research. Hence, according to the results obtained, conclusion, and suggestions are written to help in improving Batik Air Indonesia’s Service Quality to be better.

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