Indonesians Go to China, are They Satisfied?

  • Savitri Hendradewi Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti
  • Lestari Ningrum Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti


This study aims at determining travel motivation, sub-variable of the highest satisfaction, and how much travel motivation affects Indonesians’ visit to China. The methods used were survey, descriptive, and correlation with quantitative approach. Interval class formulas (Nurhayati, 2016) were used to analyze mean values ​​(Aziz, 2017) in answering the first and second research objectives; correlation and regression were for answering the third study objective. The primary data were obtained through questionnaire consisting of 16 statements, made with online media, and disseminated through social media. There were 124 respondents. The population data of 1,333,666 Indonesian tourists visiting China in March 2019 was taken from CEIC. Through Slovin sampling technique (error value of 5%), the study obtained 100 samples and 118 respondent data were tested for reliability and validity. Secondary data were obtained from journals, books and online media. The motivation of Indonesians visiting China was high (3.7063). It was either to unwind and refresh, or enjoy ancient historical knowledge. Their highest satisfaction seemed to be their positive impressions from visiting tourist objects and  getting memories in beautiful photographs. Their contentment from traveling to China was in the satisfied category (3.7043). Motivation for a vacation in China influenced respondents' satisfaction at 60.9%.

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